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Our vision is happy, healthy and thriving Tuvaluans

It is our mission to provide the tools that will equip and enable our fellow Tuvaluans to live a prosperous life. Weaving our Christian values together we hope to foster a robust spiritual lifestyle for resilient continuous mental and personal development, educate our generations to financial prosperity, facilitate building meaningful relationships all throughout society and support academic excellence. 

Our Board

Our board represents the Tuvaluan Community within Auckland comprising of community leaders across the eight different villages of Tuvalu - Nanumea, Nanumaga, Niutao, Nui, Vaitupu, Nukufetau, Funafuti and Nukulaelae. Each of these representatives are selected by their village groups and hold the title 'Ulufenua' within their respective village. This diverse board ensures that we are inclusive and act on the interests of all our Tuvaluan peoples in the auckland region. 

Executive Team

Uelese Malaga

Leading us in wisdom, Uelese also serves as the Toeaina Matua, The Elder, for the Tuvalu Ekalesia o Kelisiano.


Sagaa Malua

Serving our community for over 10 years, Sagaa has been instrumental to the establishment of TACT with the wider networks where she was the recipient of the Queens Service Medal in 2019.


Filemoni Panisi

Steadfast in his values, Filemoni is a man of principles. His guidance is a pillar for TACT where he also serves as a board member for The fono.

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